WordPress can’t Publish with HTML in it

I was trying to fix a problem in a WordPress website.

The main problem was every function, setting, or even links routed to homepage. After i solved that, i faced with another problem(I can’t publish anyting with HTML tags in it) that is why i’m writing here

I took a backup of uploads, plugins, themes and database. I made a clean WordPress setup to fix the first problem. upload the old backuped files to ftp, run the old sql queries for interts, the system is working but i can not POST or UPDATE anything, with HTML tags in it. Neighter POST nor PAGE.

  • I tried to disable the plugins, it didn’t work.
  • The theme is old and used theme, i don’t think the problem is that but i can try.
  • I checked the database and the data types, post content is longtext.

Read more here: WordPress can’t Publish with HTML in it

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