WordPress.com VIP theme activation issue – vip-init.php is not found

I am setting up my first VIP theme on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS computer by following instructions at:

https://vip.wordpress.com/documentation/vip/dev-environment/ and

At this point I have:
– Virtual Box 5.1 installed
– Vagrant 1:1.9.4 installed

Before writing the steps in detail here is my current folder structure

          |-> thevp (Chassis installation)
              |-> wp
                 |-> wp-content/themes/vip/plugins
                        |         |           |-> vip-init.php
                        |         |-> vp-theme (custom theme)
                        |-> mu-plugins

Vagrant URL: vagrant.local
Admin URL: vagrant.local/wp/wp-admin

After installing above two I installed Chassis inside /var/www/html/thevp folder. This installed a folder called wp, which I believe the default WordPress installation. So now I have /var/www/html/thevp/wp (plus other folders and files).
The wp-content folder sits inside “wp” folder.

Next I installed VIP Plugins and Helpers from svn co https://vip-svn.wordpress.com/plugins/ wp-content/themes/vip/plugins inside /var/www/html/thevp/wp/wp-content/themes/vip/plugins.

Then I installed VIP mu-Plugins inside /var/www/html/thevp/wp/wp-content/mu-plugins

And finally, I cloned my VIP theme from Github inside /var/www/html/thevp/wp/wp-content/themes/vp-theme

After all installations and cloning I ran $vagrant up from within /var/www/html/thevp/, which provisioned my Chassis Box and presented with the URL http://vagrant.local/.

The above URL runs fine and opens default site with TwentySeventeen theme.
Under Admin > Themes I can see my own theme vp-theme present along with other default themes WordPress has installed.

But whenever I am trying to Activate this theme I am getting this error message:

require_once(/vagrant/content/themes/vip/plugins/vip-init.php): failed
to open stream: No such file or directory in
/vagrant/wp/wp-content/themes/vip/yrc-wordpress-theme/functions.php on
line 9

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required
(include_path=’.:/usr/share/php’) in
/vagrant/wp/wp-content/themes/vip/yrc-wordpress-theme/functions.php on
line 9

Assuming that /var/www/htm/thevp is not being recognized as the correct path becausd wp-content folder actually resides under /var/www/html/thevp/wp and this should be root, I destroyed running instance of VirtualBox and ran $ vagrant up again but this time from inside /var/www/html/thevp/wp.

But I still get the same error. Cannot figure out how to resolve this problem.

This is my first time with VIP theme. Please help!

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