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Current_page_parent Issues in Navigation

On the following site, I’m using The Events Calendar. When on the Events home page, the News menu item is getting the “current_page_parent” class assigned

DIVI (CSS) – Making modules responsive

I’ve finished a layout for the website I’m designing using DIVI and it looked perfect on my 1280×800 laptop resolution, but when I tried to

jQuery – Create pagination dislaying X divs per page

I’m creating a page that displays news on wordpress, and the plugin that I’m using doesn’t allow automatic pagination, so I want to create a

Add Class to window.location

I have a page that is redirect to other page by this code: $(“.page-splash-page”).bind(“mousewheel DOMMouseScroll”, function(){ }); $(“.page-splash-page”).on(“click touchstart”, function ()

How do you use JavaScript to detect the homepage

I have tried is_front_page() but I believe hat is the php way of doing it. Perhaps I’m not calling it right because, of course, I’m

why WordPress failed to load the resource? It said that the server responded with a status of 404 (not Found)

I’m beginner for developing website by using WordPress. I follow the steps by steps in this URL: I have downloaded some template from other

Crossover hover effect using background changes – second background does not adapt to the container size

live demo here: If your screen res is above 1440×900, there is no problem – as soon as the screen resizes, the hover effect

Crossover hover effect – second background isn’t responsive

Update: still no answer. .crossfd2 { background: url(transition-image); That’s the background which isn’t sizing how I’d like it. live demo here: If your screen

Bootstrap 4 Carousel Responsive Resizing issue

At I have a WordPress website with a Bootstrap 4 carousel in progress. I am struggling to get the images for all slides to

Dropdown Checklist not working

I am trying to create a dropdown checkbox list for my blog but for some reason whenever an attempt is made to check one of

Remove all CSS animations on I.E only in WordPress

I am using a wordpress site with Visual Composer installed. I have been asked to remove all css animations on I.E 10+ and Edge, however

Links in WordPress page body do not work

I am a newbie coder, so I apologize if this is an easy fix. I am currently working on creating a website using WordPress 4.7.3.

Links in Pody of Page not Functional On WordPress

I am a newbie coder, so I apologize if this is an easy fix. I am currently working on creating a website using WordPress 4.7.3.

Responsive Menu hide after 1 sec

I have a wordpress installation with a responsive menu. The call for the respo menu is: <div class=”mobile-top”> <a href=”#” class=”mo-menu” data-toggle=”modal” data-target=”#menuModal”> <i class=”fa

How do I prevent my background colour/image from appearing in the previous row (bootstrap)

I am trying to apply a background image/colour to the row entitled: . However, when I do set such a background, the background appears in

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