WordPress Custom Hierarchical Taxonomy Archive page problem

I have a site with a custom post type called questions and a hierarchical custom taxonomy called agencies. A question will always belong to a subcategory of an agency. There is a URL re-write that inserts /knowledge-center/agencies/ before the taxonomy term.

The archive page for the agency taxonomy term works:


and the individual question pages properly insert the hierarchy of the taxonomy:


However the archive page for the taxonomy sub term 404’s:


When I look at the page using Query Monitor, the matched rule appears to be:


And it’s looking for the basic page template.

Basically it’s dropping the /agencies part of the URL rewrite for the taxonomy sub term. Although it’s properly working for the taxonomy term:

And pulling the /taxonomy-agencies.php template.

Don’t know why the sub term query isn’t working, but it’s driving me insane.

Any ideas?

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