WordPress Custom Post Type URL Issue With Child Taxonomies

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Alright guys, hoping someone can help me out with this as I’m this close pouring lighter fluid on my laptop and torching the thing so that I never have to deal with technology ever again.

Anyway, in essence I’m creating a website for a client who is wanting to set up a backpacking and hiking blog. They want to be able to post trip reports which more often than not have several parts to them ie: Introduction, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.

I have created a custom post type called ‘Trip Reports’, I have also created a custom taxonomy called ‘Location’, the taxonomy terms in ‘Location’ have child terms. A current example is ‘Scotland >> Shiel Bridge to Attadale 2015’, where ‘Scotland’ is the parent of ‘Shiel Bridge to Attadale 2015’ (see screenshot below).

I have installed the plugin ‘Custom Post Type Permalinks’, I set the permalink of ‘Trip Reports’ to ‘/%location%/%postname%/’ in the hope that I would be able to have a url structure such as ‘basename/scotland/shiel-bridge-attadale-2015/day-1/’.

In the wordpress editor for any trip report the permalink is displaying exactly as I want it to (see screenshot below). However, when I publish the trip report and go to the page via the permalink in the editor I get a 404 error.

For some reason the trip report page does seem to work when I remove either ‘/scotland’ or ‘/shiel-bridge-attadale-2015’ from the url ie: ‘basename/scotland/day-1/’ and ‘basename/shiel-bridge-attadale-2015/day-1/’ works.

I Would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction with this, it seems like such an obvious feature but is proving very problematic for me. You wouldn’t want me torching my laptop now would you? Of course you wouldn’t.

Thank you in advance,
Cheers, Alex

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