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Multi-level Hierarchy Taxonomy

Not sure if im completely missing the point or if this simply cannot be achieved via some kind of ‘hack’ but i’m going around in

Taxonomy with Conditional statement

I have a custom taxonomy and below is what I have to display the checked taxonomies. How do I write a conditional statement to say

I cannot get tax_query in get_posts() to work with custom taxonomy

I have been trying to achieve this for the past two days but nothing works. I am attempting to build functionality to search any post,

How To Display Hierarchical Tags in a Yahoo Directory-esque Format?

I’m creating a directory of organizations and products/services. I have a hierarchical taxonomy to handle the categories that these organizations/products/services fall into. I want to

Next previous post of two custom taxonomies

I am building educational site. I am using 2 custom taxonomies for post. Suppose one for classes and another for subject. Now I want that

i want to get list of main categories without without get subcategories with pagination

$paged = (get_query_var(‘paged’)) ? get_query_var(‘paged’) : 1; $posts_per_page = 2; $offset = ($posts_per_page * $paged) – 12 ; $args = array( ‘orderby’ => ‘id’, ‘hide_empty’=>

Best way to redirect taxonomy terms to pages

I have been wondering what would be the best way to redirect taxonomy terms to pages in WordPress. For instance – let us assume we

Add a custom taxonomy that is a text widget

Is it possible to add a custom taxonomy that is a text box widget? In each post I want to add a custom shop widget

Having Issue on Passing Variable into HTML Class Tag

Working in WordPress PHP I am trying to pass a value into class tag of an element <div class=”element-item”></div> to be like $term = get_the_term_list(

Using Advanced Custom Fields Relationship Field to select a taxonomy term

I have a site where I’ve got a post type called ‘small banners’ which are basically adverts that i need to call on normal pages

Modify title of custom taxonomy archive page

I have a custom post type ‘question’ and taxonomy ‘question_tag’using Anspress plugin. When visiting a tag page the title is “Example Tag“. Desired result: “Questions

Echo custom taxonomy values

I am using custom fields for the taxonomy agent. What I am trying to do is have Agents that have there info put into the

Get taxonomy image for Toolset custom taxonomy through Toolset Views Shortcode

I’m using Toolset Views to display a list of taxonomies. These taxonomies are under a custom Taxonomy that I created with Toolset Taxonomies. I then

Display value for taxonomy term text in categories ACF

I m using ACF (advanced Custom Field) ! I have one problem. I use Taxonomy Term in category with text field. I have the field

Dynamic Tabs with Custom Taxonomy

I have looked at some other questions related to a similar thing, but are not what I am looking for. Hoping somebody can help me

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