WordPress Directory And Quotation Engine

I am turning to the forum as I spent hours looking for a solution, but just couldn’t find what I am looking for.

I want to build a website with similar functionality to: https://www.bercert.com/, https://tradesman.ie/ or https://www.zaask.pt/. Main functionality that I look for:

ability for the end user to define their search criteria (whether dropdown, text inptut, button clicks it doesnt matter 🙂 )

Once user submits the details for search, he/she DOES NOT SEE RESULT. Instead of that, the trademan/freelancers that cover the service/area request receive an notification via email.

Now tradesman/freelancer can submit their quotes for the job

User receives multiple quotation and once he/she selects one, thay have to pay small fee to website admin.

After they pay, they receive tradesman/freelancers contact details. Until this point all communication was done through my platform, after that both users and trafesman are off the platform.

The question is, does any plugin/theme system exist that I could utilise to build this. If I could even get 70% functionality, i will hire someone to code the rest for me.

Unfortunately everything I have found so far is just simple directory plugins and themes.

Any advise is welcome.

Thank you for help in advance

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