WordPress Filepath Link Change

Okay. This is a big one, so bear with me.

GoDaddy allows you to create multiple WordPress installations on a single domain. The way I have my clients website set up now is:


has a WordPress installation on it. I then was tasked with revamping the website. I created another installation on the domain, with a link like:


Now, keep in mind I have a lot of images and media on the site. If you didn’t get the memo from the link, “togolivejan1” means “To Go Live January First” (New year, New website!). Of course I set it live January 1st by redirecting the first link to the second.

This was just a temporary workaround, and I now need to switch the second link to the first link so that the new website (second) is clean and nice and none of the /togolive stuff.

My Question:

  1. If I switch the first link to another filepath (/archivedlink or something) and switch the second link to the first link, are the images going to populate correctly (not just images, everything on the website)? The reason I ask is because when the webpage calls in items for
    img src ( or others ) and it has https:// link .com/togolivejan1/IMAGE_FILE. When I switch it and get rid of the /togolivejan1 link ONLINE, I’m not sure if it’s going to delete the file path on the directory or..?

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