i am searching a wordpress plugin that allow admin to create a form and submit that form to a custom url. I used contact form 7 but it doesn’t allow such type of functionality.

The only solution that i found is, either create a custom form or to use contact form 7 hooks to fetch post data and sent that data to a custom url via a curl call.

Any better solution please??

Used this small ninja hook, but not working:

function ninja_forms_handler() {
  add_action ( 'ninja_forms_post_process', 'change_ninja_forms_landing_page', 1, 2 );
add_action('init', 'ninja_forms_handler');

function change_ninja_forms_landing_page(){
    global $ninja_forms_processing; 

    $form_id = $ninja_forms_processing->get_form_ID(); 

    $ninja_forms_processing->update_form_setting( 'landing_page', 'test.php' ); 

Read more here: wordpress form plugin that allows to give a custom url in form action


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