wordpress fronend uploader for cutom post types

I am not very experienced in WordPress, so this may be an easy question to ask, but I do not seem to be able to find the answer to my question.

I have a custom post type, lets call it foo_type and a custom taxonomy (category), lets call it foo_cat.
The foo_type has a title, a description and a media field (as custom fields). When a new foo_type needs to be created, It is necessary for it to have the title and a media. It is also required that the foo_type be selected from a list as well.

I need a frontend uploader plugin that can work with my custom post type and custom taxonomy in the following manner:
1- In the frontend upload form I need to load the foo_cat for the user to select from (for example in a drop-down list)
2- The form should also include a title and description area and the upload button
3- when a file is selected and the button is pressed, a new foo_type post should be created (with the selected foo_cat and the given title and description) and the uploaded media should be attached to this new post (foo type).

Is there any plugin that has the capability to accomplish what I want or should I get into code and create one? If I need to make one myself please also tell me where should I start.

Thanks for your help

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