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How to use multi variable function in another function?

I am trying to use get_shipping_due function on my custom payment gateway but I couldn’t figure it out how to use it. On my plugin

Change meta description but for one file

I am using a theme by Iron Templates that’s Chroma for my website. There’s this thing for event that is based off of Blog posts

Activate small php condition at footer over page template

I wanted to run a basic php condition to my footer if correctly activated at certain page. Code is: if ( $photoSwipe == 1 )

Menu — How to add "current-menu-grand-ancestor" class

Any tips in order to : Add the class current-menu-grand-ancestor to an item who has a child with the class current-menu-ancestor via functions.php ? Thank

Menu — How to add "current-menu-grand-ancestor" css class

Any tips in order to : Add the css class current-menu-grand-ancestor to an item with the class current-menu-ancestor that has a child with also the

Having a rough time with add_image_size after server move

I’ve searched through other questions and have come back empty on this problem. I imagine I’m the only person who’s had it, but can’t seem

Get ACF values in Functions.php using admin-ajax

I have a function that takes an ajax contact form from a post with ACF values and send an email via wp_mail. For security reasons

Woocommerce Product Vendor – a hook for after fulfillment status has been changed, or when email is triggered

I would like to use the fulfillment status as a trigger for another function and thus would like to hook into it. This field is


I have seen in some template files the following class line Class::$template_dir_path=get_template_directory(); What is this mean? Why is it used? what are the benefits? Many

Child theme – copied some files from parent to child website still uses parent files

I’m having some trouble with my child team and was wondering if anyone would know what can I do regarding my issue. I have created

loading php files with ajax

I am new to ajax and I am trying to load some data from a mysql database or at least try to load the file

How to display menu of wp_nav_menu

Is it possible to display the name of the menus in selected location? Here’s my menu codes: <?php wp_nav_menu( array( ‘theme_location’ => ‘menu_footer1’, ‘container’ =>

How to load shortcode on ajax content?

I’m using the wordpress plugin AddtoAny. Their FAQ suggests the following: How can I load the buttons after content insertion with AJAX and infinite scroll?

I want to load in a new class but only if the current page is single-movies.php

I am trying to add an extra class to my div but only if the current page is being served up by my single-movies.php page.

How to embed RTMPs Radio Stream file in my wordpress Blog

I have an RTMPs Stream file rtmps:// , which is stream URL of one of the radio Station, i am trying to publish this radio

how to get permalink structure with php

i need to make an if statments for every permalink structure, so i need to know if there is a function that return me the

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