I would like to add the option to detect the minimum length of characters in the input password attached to password-strength-meter.js.To show the message in the same div when the password is too short. Is this even possible? Something like this:

wp_localize_script( 'password-strength-meter', 'pwsL10n', array(
'empty' => __( 'Strength indicator' ),
'tooshort' => __( 'Password require min 7 chars' ),
'short' => __( 'Very weak' ),
'bad' => __( 'Weak' ),
'good' => _x( 'Medium', 'password strength' ),
'strong' => __( 'Strong' ),
'mismatch' => __( 'Mismatch' )

Read more here: WordPress – How to add password length to password-strength-meter.js


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