I’m working with a WordPress and I want to know if isn’t to hard to do this.

Suppose that I have a page Fruits, and inside the page It has 2 sections, one is banana and the second-one is apple.

If I look for Fruits, banana or apple in the search form, it will return just the fruits page:

Fruits -> the link goes to www.mypage.com/fruits

But the behavior that I need is when I look, for example, for banana, which could return:

Fruits – Banana -> The link would go to www.mypage.com/fruits?banana, and then the page would anchor to the banana section (With the help of a script that I already have).

So, my questions are:

  • What could I do If I need this group of links?




  • What could I do to select them in the search engine in the same way I select custom post types?(Im using Ajax Search Pro).

Read more here: WordPress. How to look for the same page but different url parameter?


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