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Datetime picker not outputting value in the field

<?php // In the functions.php add_filter( ‘wcv_product_title’, ‘product_title_date’ ); function product_title_date( $args ){ $args[ ‘class’ ] = ‘wcv-datetimepicker’; return $args; } ?> On the frontend

How to override text field with datetime picker to a field on WordPress?

I need to override current text field with datetime field withing a plugin’s frontend field in WordPress. I need to format it the way where

Php form. $to doesn’t get the right email [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: PHP mail form doesn’t complete sending e-mail 19 answers I got this website. Its an online job finder.

Align from to center

On my site I want a to center. I’ve tried everything but stil doens’t work. Does it maybe has something to do with that my

Echo not retrieving info from advanced custom fields. Typo?

For my blog posts on my wordpress page i wanted in-content advertising that leads mostly towards other sections of my site. Its works fine as

Why doesn’t my Website-Title disappear from SERPs & differs arbitrary too? (HTML, JS)

I have the following problem: The name / title of my wordpress website (“Zauberpilzblog”) including the dash (“-“, as “- Zauberpilzblog”) does not disappear

Ads in posts are showing up as empty space

I copy and pasted my Google Adsense code between the 3rd and 4th paragraph into the HTML editor but it just shows a big, empty

Pictures not showing up on my site

im haveing a small issue with some pictures not showing up on my site. I have one other site with the same HTML table.

Adding a search form inside a div in WordPress

I wanted to add a search form inside a div using the code bellow: printf( ‘ %s %s ‘, apply_filters( ‘genesis_noposts_text’, __( ‘Try again below.’,

How can I run python script on a wordpress web page?

import r../../../../category/wordpress-html/page/3/equests_requests.packages.urllib3.disable_warnings_.css) from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth import json import time import threading def main(): threading.Timer(10.0, main).start() print(” “) print “En este momento tenemos: “

what is efficient way to decrease cpu usage for delivering homepage in wordpress

i have an ecommerce website and i want to speed up my home page. i had done this to some extent by using wp super

How to add percentage calculator in easy student results wordpress

i wish to add percentage calculator php code in easy student results plugin in wordpress. i tried my best according to my knowledge but couldn’t

Get a href Title and change on click

I have a series of links set in an image gallery and I need a way to display the color to the user. Currently the

PHP – Adding 2 div to a foreach loop every 4 times with ACF Repeater

I have an ACF Repeater field i’d like to output as an accordion grid, like so: <div class=”intro row”> <div class=”item item-1″></div> <div class=”item item-2″></div>

Why is my WordPress page suddenly not mobile-friendly?

I have a Mapbox Map on a Github hosted site that mirrors onto a WordPress site. The WordPress mirror is displaying on mobile how it

how to add enfold theme shortcode to my wordpress theme

I’m developing a new theme for a site which is using endfold at the moment Now, i have a problem with previous posts that have

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