wordpress integration html & Css

So i need to integrate on WordPress my own HTML & CSS code, for that I use the theme ” Html5blank-stable ” which can allow me to start from a ” white sheet “, my website is pretty simple because I have only 2 pages to integrate.

I started to like this, in my file WordPress I have an another file for the themes in this one I have the file ” Html5blank-stable “, inside I have ” template-home.php ” who correspond to my home page with my own HTML code, the head tag is in ” header.php ” that I include with PHP on “template-home.php ” and the page is working so good.

The problem comes with the second page, first I create a new page on WordPress that I call ” membership ” with the URL ” http://localhost:8888/template-membership/ ” who correspond to the name of my second page in my ” Html5blank-stable ” file I put my HTML in this one create a CSS file ” membership.css ” and an ” header-membership.php “, but now when I click on my page some pictures does not work..Error that i have in my console

I hope you will be able to understand me, thank you guy’s 🙂

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