WordPress Magazine Subscription

A client of mine has created a magazine and want to sell subscriptions to both paper and numeric format (downloading the PDF file, that is, not putting articles online) and allow readers to buy an issue at a time (both paper and numeric, and still the PDF file for the numeric type).

I’ve set a WooCommerce website for the handling of the monthly issue buying, which is working fine. After trying a great deal of WC plugins (s2memberships, WPMUDEV Membership, Content Restrict Pro…), I settled for WooCommerce Subscriptions.

My problem is that when a new customer buys a subscription, he has access to all issues of the numeric magazine, when I’d like him to begin his subscription on the last issue (and onward for 12 months) – with the possibility to buy separately the previous numbers if he wants to.

Do you have a way to allow the subscription to not cover the entirety of the issues and be limited to this month’s issue and further ones ?

Thanks by advance.

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