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WordPress mod-rewrite

WordPress htaccess rewrite not working

is there anything wrong with this rule, its for a wordpress site? I have the non friendly url: /listing/?category=Cocktail+Bars I would like to to be

WordPress rewrite rule involving index.php doesn’t work

Before I start, I’d like to say that I did search for topics similar to my problem and tried all solutions provided, but my problem

How to make 301 redirect for new subdirectory in WordPress Multisite?

I have WP Multisite with subdirectories, for example (As it is known WordPress does not redirect pages if the url of subdirectory is changed.)

Redirect Domain X to site on Domain Y, but make it look like the site is on Domain X

I’m not sure if this is possible. Not too familiar with Mod Rewrite. I have domain1.tld registered on a hosting company and then I’m hosting

mod_rewrite query strings returning 404

I have a custom URL like this: and I’m trying to come up with a mod_rewrite rule to convert to: I should note

WordPress URL Re-Writing: Accessing query_var on home page

When a user goes to, I would like the URL to rewrite to the home page and give me referral ID 10. This works

WordPress 404 error for some post

suddenly I checked my Google webmaster tools I have more thousand 404 errors, some of them is not WordPress related but many of them is

How to Redirect Non WWW Website to WWW Version on Unmanager Server?

I have hosted my Website on Digital Ocean & Installed WordPress through Serverpilot. Current Home Page URL is & is also redirecting on

How to redirect wordpress page without changing the url or 301 redirect

can you please help me into the following. I have a url like https://mydomain/pages/123_share But the correspoding wordpress page would be https://mydomain/pages/123/ how can i

Redirecting WordPress page without changing the URL or doing a 301

I have a URL like https://mydomain/pages/123_share but the corresponding WordPress page would be https://mydomain/pages/123/ How can I do this using .htaccess, WordPress wp-engine, etc.? Here,

WordPress wildcard subfolders

I need to make some subfolders aliases of main website. For example, I need that and act as I will use these

Get conflict .htaccess file

Hi I have one domain on main root folder i’d install wordpress for promotion of my main site and I have subfolder which have core

301 Redirection Issue

I want to redirect /test/blog/old-acne-problems to samesite/test/blog/acne-being-taken-seriously I did the following redirection Redirect 301 /test/blog/old-acne-problems samesite/test/blog/acne-being-taken-seriously but when I checked it the redirection comes out

WordPress pretty urls show blank page ( not found )

I’ve tried to check every blog post I found, but somehow I cannot manage to find the cause for this. .htaccess file (as provided by

htaccess 301 redirect to url without passing subdirectories

I’m trying to redirect a URL like this: To a URL like this: The htaccess line I’m using is: redirect 301 /word/baseball/cat/

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