WordPress multi-domain with multiple sites with multiple languages

I’m looking to publish a multi-domains/multi-langages website, based on wordpress.

I’m setting up multiple domain to publish oriented content for visitor, like this i can offer French, English, German, Spanish, Japanese contents websites. Each main language i have is associated to a main domain (.fr, .com, .de, .es, .jp), so far, WP multisite work well.

My problem :

I got secondary level domains, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom (.be, .ch, .co.uk). This three secondary level domains are attached to a main domain : .be and .ch are linked to .fr & .co.uk is linked to .com.

I want to find a way to use the same content than main domains for secondary level domains (if it’s possible, without content duplication) and be able to set correctly hreflang for each domains (fr_FR, fr_BE, fr_CH, en_US, en_GB, es_ES, de_DE, ja_JP)

Is the best practice to use multisite to do this ?
Any recommendation to choose plugin to duplicate content between main domains and secondary level domains ?
How could i manage hreflang ?

Thank you for suggestions,

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