WordPress Permalink Error (All URLs show same page)

I’m running into a bit of trouble with my WordPress site.

Every single link on the site displays the same exact page (the homepage). This has just started happening today. I’ve been going at the problem for a few hours now, trying different solutions I found online but nothing’s worked so far.

What I’ve tried:
– Resetting the permalink structure by choosing a different one than the original, then reverting back to original
– Deactivating all plugins
– Removing the .htaccess file from my installation

Nothing I’ve tried has worked so far, the weird thing is it shows the correct URL in the address bar, but displays the same page.

I tried typing in a URL for a page that doesn’t exist but didn’t get a 404 error, it just showed the homepage.

Is it a permalink problem or something else?

(I’m on WordPress version 4.9.8)

The website: www.kodingkingdom.com

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