Hoping you guys can offer a suggestion. I know there has to be a plugin for this type of thing. I am looking for a website tool, plugin framework or anything that will allow me to:
– Create a basic landing page
– encode a url paramater that triggers a data load
– enable some analytics per page load

Essentially we want to ship out a bunch of links to various people with a tiny url or equivalent. When they visit that url, the page loads and a few parameters are updated such as:, Firstname, video link and possibly a couple other things.

Its for a very specific type of marketing campaign.

The intent is to generate several hundred pages this way. We need to be able to upload some csv data or something similar to drive this.

Its a pretty specific request but I just know someone knows the easiest way to do this. I am trying to avoid building this from scratch so appreciate any tips on a plugin or framework that can do it easily.

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