I created a new page for my wordpress site. Then I published it
and waited and waited and waited.

In another browser I can see the URL of the page at https://craftsmanshipforsoftware.wordpress.com/linux-sockets-which-process-is-listening-to-a-port/?preview_id=188&preview_nonce=cc825aeff3&_thumbnail_id=-1&preview=true
but the Recent Posts does not have this page. I am using as few plugins as possible – just the default.

The main page at https://craftsmanshipforsoftware.com/ likewise does not display this new page.

In the dashboard under Posts, this new post does not appear.

I have waited over an hour to see this post appear.

I should be able to simply Publish a new post and have it appear on
my site within a few minutes.

Read more here: WordPress: Posting a page does not display in my site


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