WordPress posts not appearing (Zerif Lite Theme)

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Coincidentally the other day I found out that the posts of my wordpress page are not showing up anymore in the admin menu, even though, the page says, that ther should be 4 posts:

On the front page, of my page under this link, I list all posts. There the posts are listed with headings and abstracts:

However, when I click one of these links, it leads to a 404. For instance, when clicking on the first one, it looks like this:

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I also use custom post types and interestingly, the links to the custom post types work: https://container25.at/veranstaltung/304/

I already tried the following things:

  • posted in the zerif-lite support forum on wordpress.org: here
  • disabled a permalink-related plugin Custom Post Type Permalinks
  • changed the permalink settings several times back and forth

Still, the links do not work. However they seem to still be in the db. I did not delete them by accident.

My main question is: How can I make the links workg again?

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