I’ve created a website (html, css, etc) with 5-6 pages in it, lets say on example.com

Now I have to add many additional pages, and I’m not sure if is better to use WordPress or add all of these pages as pure HTML.

If I will use WordPress, I will install it on a subdirectory like example.com/page.

WordPress with “permalink” can be useful, but in this case I should set a redirect from the wordpress homepage to my html homepage. For example:

When someone go on **example.com/page** (wordpress home) 
will be redirected to **example.com** (html homepage)
Instead, if someone go on **example.com/page/my-page**
should see the wordpress page normally.

Its that possibile? Which is the best solution for SEO (html static pages, or wordpress with redirect to homepage, separate sitemap, etc)?

Read more here: wordpress redirect to homepage and seo


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