WordPress rewriting URL of a page

I’m currently creating a new WordPress from scratch for a client who already has a website with a good SEO, and I have a question.
I would like to use the former url for the new pages in wordpress, in order to keep the SEO, instead of the 301 redirection.
For example I have the following page on the old site http://my-exemple.com/en/contact.php and on my wordpress I have : http://my-exemple.com/en/contact-php/

The dot is replaced by a - and there is a / at the end. How could I have the exact same url on wordpress ?

I have another question on the same subject : my home page is http://my-exemple.com/en/homepage/ but on the old site it’s http://my-exemple.com/en/
So how can i a make an empty page id ?


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