WordPress site – create download link for .exe

I am new with WordPress. I need to get a button or link to a .exe file on my WordPress site. I have put code in the text portion of this site, as required by the file type. But no matter what code I use I always get “404 Page Not Found”. I have tried, in addition to the .exe file, a .txt file and a .jpg file all of which have been uploaded to the site. I have cleared the browser cache. I have tried it in Chrome and IE. Some of the code I have tried:

<a href="/downloads/textdoc.txt"> Click Here</a>

<a href="http://cronapacific.com/downloads/textdoc.txt"> Click Here</a> 

but always resulting in “404 Page Not Found”. There is a file called “textdoc.txt” in a folder called “downloads” in the root directory of the site. It has read permission. Please suggest a method to determine the problem.

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