WordPress site keeps redirecting to subdirectory

sorry I am a complete newbie.

I’ve been building a website in wordpress that was located in a subdirectory /wp/wordpress

I was done with the website so I wanted it to start working using example.com path instead of example.com/wp/wordpress but i stumbled on some problems

I tried to copy htaccess and index.php files from wordpres directory to main directory and changing paths in index.php file, it worked, i could now access my website using example.com link but it still showed example.com/wp/wordpress path in the url section.

So i tried moving the whole website to root directory, to do that i did the following:

1.changed urls in wp-admin panel

2.moved all the files from /wp/wordpress to public_html main directory

3.accessed wp-admin panel again and using Update URLs plugin i updated the urls from example.com/wp/wordpress to example.com.

but the resoult wasnt what I expected, typing in the example.com url still redirected me to /wp/wordpress directory (path showing in url) which was now empty so it gave me an error.

How do I menage this situation, any ideas? Sorry if my post isnt clear, as I said I’m still a newbie

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