WordPress – source link plugin – how to modify it?

I’m using a little plugin that allows me to add source link to every article. I found the code in this thread: Article source link for posts

It’s almost perfect, but I would like to modify it a little: first of all, I need to have one more field for link’s anchor. Now there’s just a “source link” field – when I paste a link here, it shows exactly the same way in post (for example: www.stackexchange.com/questions/21652pn626262pinnpznxpiqtq/.

I need an additional anchor field to be able to set a nice link’s title. For example: StackOverflow (which leads to to the destinated article – https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/ – for example.)

It should look like that:

Anchor text: StackOverflow
Source link: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/

All links need to have a nofollow attribute.

This is how it looks now: https://i.imgur.com/JfN8UX6.png
This is how I want it to look: https://i.imgur.com/qPuWiqp.png

Does anyone know how can I modify it that way?


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