WordPress subdirectories not inheriting css

I’m having an issue with my wordpress where the sticky footer is correctly transparent on the homepage, however it is still displaying non-transparent on the subdirectories on browser sizes over 1024px. All relevant code sections have been included below.

Within the .php within a style bracket:

.home #sticky-footer { position: fixed; background: transparent; }

This worked to fix the footer on the front page, but isn’t inherited for the subdirectories for some reason?

Within the actual css:

#sticky-footer #control-nav {display: none}

@media screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
  body #sticky-footer {background-color: transparent} 

I’ve fiddled with every single variable within the last snippet and from what I can tell, it doesn’t actually affect anything which, to me, says that it’s pulling its information from somewhere else, however, I’ve dug through every single available file and these are the only snippets that are associated with #sticky-footer

There was a similar problem I had with the header, however I was able to solve that one by simply making the inserted div within the .php file style background: transparent, so every time the div was created it was automatically done. Unfortunately that same .php file does not have a div set for the sticky-footer so I can’t use the same method.

Any advice or ideas on where to look? I’m a php and wordpress noob so maybe I’m missing something really simple?

I’ll edit and add new details as necessary here:

The entire site is on a managed wordpress.

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