WordPress theme customisations

I’m working on customising a WordPress theme called BusinessFinder+. It seems like a really solid theme but I’m getting pressure from my client to make some difficult tweaks.

I’m sure there is a simple snippet for the functions.php file but my skills don’t stretch that far.

I’m trying to change the placeholder text for the homepage seach form (just below the hero slider):

The current text is “Search keywords”, we need it to be “Search members”.

Also, there’s another search form layout here (on top of the hero image):

This has the same placeholder text problem, instead of “Search keywords”, we need it to be “Search members”.

I’ve tried a simple “str_replace” snippet but it doesn’t touch what’s in the search forms. I’ve tried a “str_replace” on other text sections of the homepage (for example) and it works.

Can anyone offer any tips?

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