WordPress website: javascript not running on mobile/tablet browsers

As good practice, I usually scan already asked questions to find a solution to my issues but I have exhausted all search on this one.

In a nutshell:

I have developed my website from scratch and then converted to a wordpress theme. Everything works fine on desktop, resized browser shows website responds and adjusts style to be mobile friendly (have also tested on mobile devices and so there’s nothing wrong with the style). There are no errors that I could find on a console, not on desktop nor on mobile.

However none of the javascript functions work on the following devices I have and tested my website on:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3: native browser
  • Ipad (iOS 8.3): tested on browsers: Safari and Atomic Lite

Funnily enough, on my Samsung Galaxy, I downloaded a couple of other browsers just to check:

  • Adblock Browser
  • DebugBrowser (this has a javascript console and I checked for errors: there are none).

I have uploaded my website for testing and you can see it at: http://efcotest.web-merchant.co.nz/

Yes, I know having a slideshow on mobile view isn’t great practice, but I intend to remove it, just that when I started testing for basic functionality (mainly the site menu) I discovered that javascript isn’t working at all as per above brief.

Any help people?

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