I have added [woocommerce_order_tracking] shortcode into my website home page and since then every time I refresh or first visit in it, the whole page scrolls down to the first input of the form generated with [woocommerce_order_tracking].

I have researched online about and found it caused by the “autofocus” attribute. WordPress add it automatically, and I don’t know how to disable it or make the page load on top.
I tried to plant some JS and Jquery codes inside the head tag and even at the body.. with no much success.

can anyone help me solve this issue? I like the form and how it look like, I only don’t want that the page will scroll to it automatically…

website address: http://blackbmb.com/store

Thank you!

Read more here: WordPress Woocommerce plugin generate forms with autofocus automatically, how can i disable it?


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