The problem I’m talking about appeared after doing some code to add a custom login form on a front page template.

So now when I’m disconnected and I try to go to /wp-admin it redirects me to the homepage instead of /wp-login.php
When I type manually /wp-login.php the page does exist and works. And once I’m connected the /wp-admin works like a charm.
It seems that since I used a front page to display a custom login form (so users can log in) when wordpress tries to do the redirect wp-admin -> wp-login.php it can’t find where the form is.

Users should use the login form on the front page. And if I (admin) go to wp-admin I should be redirected to the default/usual login form (not the one which users use).

I’m using wordpress 4.7.3

Any help would be appreciated 🙂

Read more here: WordPress : /wp-admin redirects to homepage after adding a custom login form


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