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Filter custom type posts by date range

I’m using Advanced Custom Fields and Search & Filter Pro to filter custom type posts by date range. I want to give the user the

Object of class WP_Query could not be converted to string

I am using PHP output buffering along with transient API to cache a custom wp_query,my code is as below: <section class=”items-grid wf-container”> <?php if (false

Add filter post_where and passing post_type argument

Following this tutorial, I want to search for posts within the radius where the post_type=profile add_filter(‘posts_where’, ‘location_posts_where’, 10); $query = new WP_Query( array( ‘post_type’ =>

how can I override The Events Calendar query modifications?

I am implementing some special search options that should exclude anything not of the type post. The Events Calendar is interfering and modifying the query

Related Posts with removing some categories

Hi I have a main category which is “Anime” and three sub-categories which is “On going” – “Completed” – “Future” ( also there’s other categories

WP_Query date_query – Use unix timestamp?

I am trying to perform a WP_Query, passing the values for before and after in the date_query as unix timestamps. This does not seem to

How to reset wp_query in this case

There are a number of 3rd party repository plugins that 1) add categories and tags to pages, and 2) enable pages to be displayed

What to do in this case after wp_query has been modified

There are a number of 3rd party repository plugins that 1) add categories and tags to pages, and 2) enable pages to be displayed

Getting the last X posts, but in ascending order of time

I have some ‘Events’ custom post types. On the home page of my site, I’d like to show the last X events, but in ascending

Why use JSON API to display recent posts?

why not WP_query?, here if you look at the comment at the bottom the guy wants to display the recent posts using the JSON

WordPress custom query by archive title

Sorry if it’s already answered, couldn’t find anything related. I’m using ajax to load more posts on my theme, it works perfectly on the homepage

Order by Category and Post in WP custom Query

NB: I don’t have enough reputation to ask the question directly on the post mentioned. I’ve used some code from 1: Get all categories and

Select posts order by { (like_status = 1) – (like_status= 0) }

I have this table here named as wp_likestatus This is a custom table where entries are inserted as follows: id = auto_increment ; postid =

Storing an array of objects related to each user

I need to store a potentially large array of stdClass objects (houndreds of items) on my various users. Is it safe to use user meta

pre_get_posts with WP_Query to prevent posts sugin specific tags

I found this post about how to change a specific query but can’t find a way to do the following: I have several queries on

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