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Manually Get Correct Page for Menu Item Link in WordPress

I have very interesting issue here. Within my WordPress site I seem to have two distinct instances of the same page, being a Contact page.

Error with WordPress Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header inner() in page-templates/full-width.php

I have lost the data of this website and I could managed to recover from the backup. However, the following message is coming when going

Issue connecting new wordpress install to pre-existing database

I’ve recently run into a situation helping another individual who overwrote their site folder when installing a new copy of WordPress. The original wordpress database

WordPress – default value in selected dropdown with CPT

I researched but did not find right answer to my question I have custom post type for states, cities and countries and would like to

Events custom post type menu is not highlighted in wordpress

i’m using the event calendar plugin in my project. My custom post type menu is not highlighted when i go to that particular page i.e

Add wordpress shortcode wp_dropdown_pages() to jquery

As the title says I’m trying to add wp_dropdown_pages() to my jquery script, is this possible and if so how? Read more here: Add wordpress

how to run cron job in wordpress

i want to run cron job in wordpres using default function add_filter( ‘cron_schedules’, ‘cron_add_everyminute’ ); function cron_add_everyminute( $schedules ) { // Adds once weekly to

Nginx Configuration Issues for Laravel Installed Inside WordPress

I have installed LEMP stack on my cloud VPS at digitalocean. I have installed WordPress on my root domain and then installed laravel in a

WordPress: make a post’s video URL accessible from the loop

I’m looking for solution to a particular situation. In my theme each post is on a single page (single.php). Single page has a slider inside

Combine slide.toggle and on scroll in wordpress

I’m trying to combine this function with slide.toggle and implement it in wordpress so the title and a custom field change on scroll. And you

WordPress functions doesn’t work inside custom TinyMCE editor button

I created simple TinyMCE plugin like below. Basically it’s a new button in TinyMCE editor that’ll pop up lightbox (thick box) when pressed. // create

I have hosted one wordpress site in the IIS6 but some times site is down any idea?

I have hosted one word-press site in IIS6 but some times site is unexpectedly stopping. so I can not access the website some times, is

Can anyone tell the entire process of adding wordpress new user regisration and eable them to post on my site

I have a wordpress site and I want to add the feature of guest blogging in my site. I have also enabled new user reg

Php Ajax in wordpress

iam creating a site using wordpress my contact form i have used ajax to pass multiple values to another php file.By this code <script

move_uploaded file not working in wordpress

I am attempting to do my own manual manual upload of a file in a WordPress template page. But Im getting this error. Warning: move_uploaded_file():

Using a combination of html and php in an echo in a php file (wordpress)

I’d be most grateful if someone could help me out here. I’d like to call a shortcode in a echo section, in a php file

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