WP Boostrap tab "On Sale" not working

I use WP and Bootstrap3 by Kevin Attfield. My theme’s homepage came with the following codes:

[bs_tab class="active" type="tab" href="#bs_first_tab64" title="Latest  Products"]
[bs_tab class="" type="tab" href="#bs_tab139333096201364" title=" Best Selling"]
[bs_tab class="" type="tab" href="#bs_tab139333100276564" title="On Sale"]
[bs_tcontent class="active" id="bs_first_tab64"][recent_products per_page="5" columns="5"][/bs_tcontent]
[bs_tcontent class="" id="bs_tab139333096201364"][best_selling_products per_page="5" columns="5"][/bs_tcontent]
[bs_tcontent class="" id="bs_tab139333100276564"][sale_products per_page="5" columns="5"][/bs_tcontent]

First two tabs works without problem, for whatever reason the last tab “On Sale” is not displaying anything but “[sale_products per_page=”5″ columns=”5″]”
enter image description here

Please be as detailed as possible, I am a newbie. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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