WP-CLI installation over composer

I’m working on a wordpress skeleton for practice. I’ve got a Composer project and installed the wp-cli/wp-cli dependency.

I want to create and run custom tasks with this wp-cli, for example to download the core of WordPress into this project. This because I’m not putting the core of wordpress into my git repository.

Because I have installed the wp-cli/wp-cli dependency only in my project and not globally over my local machine, I can’t run the wp ... commands a normal terminal.

For my own research, I found out that I can use the Command Line Tool Support plugin in my IntelliJ IDE. With this plugin I can use the composer dependency to run commands with the wp-cli. I don’t think this is the right solution, because everyone might have a different IDE and/or operating system.

How can I create tasks which are runnable on cross-platform systems (Linux, Windows, MAC OS) without having to install the wp-cli globally over the whole local machine?

Read more here: WP-CLI installation over composer

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