WP Crowdfunding customization

Example of a CF project on my website

I am using WP Crowdfunding (w/ Woocommerce) to create a CF website.

I want to make some changes in the template that will affect all the campaigns (current and future) but I don’t know how to proceed.

If I click on Inspect I can see the HTML file and do the changes there I want to, but I know that’s only temporary. How can I make these changes permanently? I tried “What The File” but it gives me the theme template file, not the plugin one.

As you can see bellow, this is an example of a project. One thing that I want to do is replace the text box (for the amount) for a drop-down menu where backers can select the desired amount. But I have to access the correct PHP file to do that.

Can anyone help?

Thank you very much!

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