Meta_keys after creating a listing and before moving the map marker around

I am using Listify, WP Job Manager and WP Job Manager Extended Location.

I am having trouble setting a default city for my listings. I can set the default location just fine, but the meta_key city doesn’t get added to the listing, only geolocation_lat and geolocation_long (which hold the correct values).

If I move the map marker from WP-Admin and update the listing the following meta_keys are added and their values calculated correctly: geolocated, geolocation_city, geolocation_country_long, geolocation_country_short, geolocation_formatted_address.

I want these meta_keys to be added (with their correct calculated values) when the listing is created, so I don’t have to move the marker around for every listing that is created.

Read more here: WP Job Manager Extended Location default not setting city, country, etc


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