WP Plugin for appointment products with shared resources?

I am building a site for a go kart track.

So far, I’m using Elementor and WooCommerce but could change if necessary.

People can reserve from 1-5 twenty-minute races.

There are 10 karts total.

There are lots of products, meaning different pricing packages depending on groups, parties, etc.

I’m looking for a plugin which can handle hourly bookings of various lengths where the availability of different products can be made dependent on a limited number of common resources.

So far I have looked at:

WooCommerce Bookings would be perfect, but unfortunately it has a bug where it won’t check reservations against our opening hours.

Tyche’s plugin would also work, but there is no way to have more than one period of rentals in a day (we are closed from 19:00 to 21:00 then open again).

Pinpoint Booking System has no common resources — each product has its own calendar of availability.

Booking Calendar by oPlugins is not compatible with WooCommerce or Elementor.

Yith Bookings does not have common resources between products.

[NB] If someone with more reservation wants to add some more detailed tags, that might be helpful. As a new member I can’t do it.

Read more here:: WP Plugin for appointment products with shared resources?

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