wp plugin for orders with multiple components

I have been looking for a wordpress plugin that can do the following. Please suggest.

Preface: I have a caldera form with conditional logic in which I first fill up a person’s basic details and then choose from a-la-carte components (read individual products) shown as multiple choice options. Depending upon components I select, I have to further fill up details along with attachments (each component has it’s own form). There is no shopfront in my case.

—What I want is:
1. that once this form is submitted by me, an order/case number gets created and customer is intimated.

  1. ability at my end to manage this order/case like woocommerce store, but with ability wherein I can tick on completed components and show expected date by which it will be completed. (**note that grouped products is not a solution to this).

  2. upload a report at case/order level and component level. (case/order level feature is minimum).

  3. most important is the ability for customers to view progress of order/case by logging into their “my account” with a progress bar showing them which all components under a particular order/case are complete and which all pending completion.

  4. ability to show progress of a particular set of orders to multiple customers. something like a group of people under a common client name OR project members under a common project name.

Note that service is a market research product wherein pre-defined components/products varying from 2 to 20 form a single order/case.

Solution for this could be through e-commerce plugins or project management once… but I could not find the matching one.

Read more here: wp plugin for orders with multiple components

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