I am using the WP Types plugin. I have a custom post type for “Books”, which has a child custom post type “Reviews”. My Parent post type has an “Edit Books” Form (CRED FORM) which is used to edit the “Book” content from the front end.

I also have a “VIEW” on my “Books” content layout, displaying the “Reviews” child post type data.

I now need to include the form fields of “Reviews” on my “Edit Books” Form – however these “child custom post type fields” are not displaying in my list of available fields when inserting fields to my “Edit Books” form.

I have tried to add the “Reviews” fields manually to display in the “Edit Books” form as follows:

[cred_field field='review_name' post='reviews' value='' urlparam='']

Error displaying on My Parent page of books is :

There is a problem with review_name field. Please check CRED form.

Read more here: WP Types Edit Child Post on Parent Post CRED Form


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