wp_set_object_terms doesn’t work as expected

I am tring to set custom post term from different taxonomies when the post page loads, and i have an array has taxonomy slug as key and term id as value, and i have mapped values to make sure they are integers, and when i var_dump it i get

array(4) {

And taxonomy names are exactly the same also IDs exists, so i used this loop to add terms to the post

global $post
foreach($custom_taxs as $taxName => $termID){

$check = wp_set_object_terms( $post->ID, $termID , $taxName);


And it adds all terms except the last one with id 174, and i don’t know why.
Then i tried to explicitly add it with

wp_set_object_terms( $post->ID, array(174) , ‘video_effects’);

But no change, So why this happens, and here is the link from the video_effects admin page to make sure i am using correct taxonomy name


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