WPML Media Slowing Media Library Deletion

I have just transferred a large WP multisite enabled solution over from another company onto my own hosting environment. (VPS Ubuntu 16.04 & PHP 7.0 + Apache)

The solution works great until trying to delete an image. Upon selecting “delete permanently” php sends the command then hangs without ever returning the success message from WordPress.

This is only present while WPML (WordPress Multi Language) Media plugin is active When the plugin is disabled the request for deletion is instant.

I also seem to be seeing in the apache logs that PHP is returning a memory consumption error while the deletion is happening and when trying to upload WPML via “Upload Plugin” or update plugin the same error returns. It only happens on this plugin.

I have increased the PHP memory limit to 500M & set WordPress memory limit to 256M which should be more than enough.

Also deactivating the plugin means that my media library goes from 1099 items to 14’000 with duplicates created by WPML Media for translations.

I was wondering if anyone had dealt with this before? and also if anyone had any idea as to what is going on.

I checked out the WPML support threads but none of them have answers and the ones that are solved incur having to give WPML support admin privileges to your server which is not an option for me due to the client i am working with.

I also tried to reset WPML using the WPML -> Support option but was returned with an Access Forbidden Error (403).

Any help would be appreciated



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