I use slider revolution plugin of wordpress and i load a youtube in a popup when click play button using fancybox. The video is loaded by i receive this message before loading the video :

“youtube api could not be loaded revolution slider”

/* change revapi1 to whatever api number is being used for your slider */
var api = revapi1;
/* no need to edit below unless you want to change the default FancyBox settings */
api.on('revolution.slide.onloaded', function() {
    jQuery(this).find('.fancybox').each(function() {
        var $this = jQuery(this);
        if(!$this.is('a')) $this = $this.removeClass('fancybox').find('a');
            /* begin FancyBox options */
            width: 960,            
            height: 540,
            autoSize: true,
            aspectRatio: true,
            fitToView: true,
            autoCenter: true,
            scrolling: 'no',
            type: 'iframe',
            onClosed: function() {api.revresume()}
        }).on('click', function() {api.revpause()});

Read more here: youtube api could not be loaded revolution slider


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