Zend with WP like DB stucture

I have a zend web programs, and there’s one module that use Wp like DB structure.

I need to perform a filter (using category and date post) but I don’t know where I can make the kinda “where sql” for it..

I have one model files for connection to a lot of tables (as you know the WP Db structure is little bit different because it’s separate the category (using taxonimies term) and the post it self)

Is there’s any example how to achive this ?

Here’s the only model that connect with WP DB structure


and here’s the only hint that I know it’s connection with categories

public function getCategory($post_id) {
    return $this->db()->fetchOne(
        "SELECT term_taxonomy_id FROM wp_news_term_relationships WHERE object_id = ? LIMIT 1", $post_id

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