Today I encountered an interesting problem on one of my WP blogs.

Everything was working fine, until URL broke. The main page was loading correctly, as well as the admin dashboard. The problem was with links on the page - whether I clicked on categories, posts, pages - I got the 404: URL not found error.

I simply updated permalinks, and the problem was gone. I think the problem was with the .htaccess file, but my question is:

What might have triggered this problem? I think the problem occurred when I published one post, but this is the first time that has happened, and I published 300+ posts before.

I didn’t install any new plugins, nor did I update the existing ones. As I said, it seems the problem came out of the blue.

Any help on what might have messed up the .htaccess file or rewrite rules or whatever the problem was, would be very appreciated.

Read more here: 404 Page not found error - what messed up the permalinks?


If you know the solution of this issue, please leave us a reply in Comment section, to update the question.

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