i’m using this plugin to show events, an the thing that’s bothering me is how to change the link when you click on the date number ,and when you click on the event title.

This is date number link(day)

<a class="ai1ec-date-title ai1ec-load-view" href="http://example.com/?page_id=410&ai1ec=action~oneday|exact_date~4-1-2015">

And this is event title link

<a href="http://example.com/?ai1ec_event=apprentissage&instance_id=66" class="ai1ec-popup-trigger ai1ec-load-event" data-original-title="" title="">

So, i want to make to make those links the same, to point to the same page. Is there any possibility to achieve that?

Thanks in advance,cheers.

Read more here: All in one event calendar change link


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