I was wondering if there is a way in which I can host WP on Server 1(such as Bluehost) and its wp-content/uploads folder in server 2(such as Hostgator). Both server 1 and server 2 are different servers (and not just different directories).
Either of the following can be a help :

  1. If I upload the images to wp-content/uploads and instantly after that the image is mirrored or replicated on server 2.
  2. If when I upload from my admin the image gets placed on server 2 directly instead of server 1. Thereafter the images are called from server 2 instead of server 1.

I am willing to use separate domains for both the servers. Any hack or plugin available for the above?
Any other solution?

Read more here: Any plugin/hack to upload images/static content to another server


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