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I am working in wordpress for the first time and the client had a requirement that we create a template which will be used for multiple products as shown below

The question I do have is it possible to create a template in the wordpress admin section which would have multiple custom posts (e.g. Taking the example given above )for the following items

  • The hero image
  • The text in the hero image
  • The CTA
  • The infographic(s)
  • The alternating contents
  • Once these custom posts are set up, can all these posts be combined together to create one template in the backend which can be reused.

    I apologize for the naiveness of the question but I come from a background where I have worked in CMS’s before where you can create a template in the frontend and also create backend templates which map to the content in the front end.

    Read more here: Can we create a custom post template for a specific page template


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