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I have seen a lot of posts that claim they are running an RDS instance of MySql in which they cannot connect to, but I am not running RDS.

I used my EC2 insance to host my wordpress blog which was installed using the Web Platform Installer.

This setup the wordpress schema and data that I needed and I have been running it for a couple years.

I want to be able to access this database remotely instead of only logging into my server.

I have checked and have the following users


I have also verified that the port specified in the mysql config is the standard 3306 and I have setup an Inbound Firewall rule to allow 3306 through.

When I try to connect from MySql Workbench, I get the following error message:

3 Is particularly one that I do not know how to check, but I do know that MySql is running and that it is running on 3306. Additionally, I know I am using the correct password.

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